Vaccinations – Essential for Our Community

The pandemic has been a hard time for all of our families. Residents, their loved ones, and our staff have all felt the stress and difficulties that COVID-19 has meant for our community. But we are hopefully nearing an end and the use of the latest vaccines is helping get our world back to some semblance of normal. That means, one day soon, we will be able to have our normal visitation process back. But to get there, we want everyone to know how important getting the vaccine is to this plan.

The Stakes

A year ago, our world turned upside down with the pandemic. We know how important it is for our residents to get to see their loved ones and how that energy can have an incredible effect on their mood and how well they are able to cope with their day-to-day activities. According to the CDC, 80% of COVID-19 deaths reported in the United States have been in adults 65 years or older. Those aged 65-74 are nearly 3 times more likely to pass away from COVID-19 than their counterparts aged 50-64. The numbers only get worse as someone gets older.

This is to illustrate that COVID-19 can literally be a matter of life for our residents and protecting them is our first priority. As we’ve seen, states have prioritized those 65 and over in getting the vaccine in order to lower the chances of infection and harm to those most at risk. While we have put numerous protocols into place, nothing can replace the effectiveness of a vaccine that can keep our residents safe.

Guidelines and Visitation

As the spread of COVID-19 has started to slow, visitation opportunities have become possible, but we aren’t back to normal yet. Under CMS federal regulations, there are still limits to being able to allow visitors including no new onset of COVID-19 in the last 14 days and county positivity rate at less than 10%. While there are some exceptions, the vast majority of residents don’t get the same contact with their family and loved ones as would be best for them.

As the vaccine is rolled out, we are going to be able to get back to normal visitation once we know our community is safe. get there, we want everyone to know how important getting the vaccine is to this plan.

What we have done!

Our community has been able to give vaccinations to the vast majority of our residents. Well over 90% of our community is vaccinated and has given our residents more freedom in our space. We are so happy that our residents are safer than they were before the vaccine.

According to the latest data, the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, once they are fully administered, offer 85% to 90% effectiveness against symptomatic illness! While there is still so much more to learn, these are encouraging early results and is more than enough for us to recognize how important it is for seniors to get the vaccine that is available to them.

We have all been through a collective trauma as human beings dealing with this pandemic. The numbers say we are heading towards the end and the risk for our community is dramatic lowered now that we have been able to get vaccinations for our residents. Together, we can make it through anything. Through love and hope, we are able to push towards better outcomes and we cannot wait to be able to bring the loved ones of our community back to inject their energy into our space.