Top notch dementia and Alzheimer's care community. They really have excellent medical and administrative staff caring for the residents. Only the best are selected to be a part of the Kemper family. The owner is just multi-talented, most genuine human being I have met. He clearly curated the place with love and purpose. You sense it the moment you walk in.

Patrick S.

My dad has been at the Kemper House for a year. I can't say enough good things about the staff and the facility. They are the most caring group and go out of the way for the residents. My dad has been in multiple facilities in the last 3 years, they are not all same. Kemper is the best without a doubt.

Michael W.

I could not have more positive regard for Kemper House, and for the care and compassion they have given not only to our Lynette, but also to myself and our family through this difficult change in our lives.

From the beginning Lynette was a day friend, which provided great support for me. When she became ill about a month before projected move in date, they graciously moved the date up, which was a great relief as I was simply not able to care for her as I had in the past, due to physical and dementia related issues.

I resisted this move for as long as possible, always believing that no one could love and care for her at a level I could accept. I was wrong. The love and compassion this staff gives to Lynette is more than I could ever imagined. To name any one staff, is unfair to all of the wonderful people who care for her, but watching Fatu help her to while singing que sera, Saundra responding so quickly to whatever she needs, Emah calling her "Professor", or Liam just expressing so much compassion. While a day friend, she was sometimes resistant, but Rebecca could always get her to come in and participate.

I miss her more than I can express, but am very happy that she is at Kemper House surrounded by that loving staff. 


Marcia C.

My husband is a resident at Kemper House Worthington. I don't believe we could have found a better place for him to receive care as we navigate his Alzheimer's diagnosis. The staff at Kemper House is phenomenal. They have gone out of their way to make my husband and our family feel welcome. The nursing staff has been very open and honest with me regarding my husband's medical needs. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns I have had. The Life Enrichment team is awesome. My husband thoroughly enjoys the wide variety of activities they plan for the residents. These activities keep him busy and engaged in life at Kemper House. My husband receives regular physical therapy in the gym at Kemper House. This is so important for continued mobility and strength. Finally, the front office staff is always friendly, welcoming, and available to address any questions I might have. I have no doubt that my husband is receiving the best possible care at Kemper House Worthington.

Nancy D.

The Kemper staff is second to none! When you make the difficult decision to move your loved one to a memory care home, you want staff that genuinely cares for your loved one and a place that truly is their new home. Kemper is that and more. I have been so happy with the caring, attentive staff and the facility itself is lovely. Kemper takes pride in all they do for residents and we, as family members, feel confident in our loved one’s care and well being.

Cyndi S.

We have visited several Alzheimer care facilities and not even close. Kemper House is amazing!
My mom was in the adult day care program twice a week at Kemper House. As things became worse quickly, Kemper House did so many things to get us in a full time room and help my dad feel comfortable letting his wife stay in a full time care facility. The staff cares about my mom and treats her like family. This disease sucks! Thanks to everyone at Kemper House!

Amelia J.

Kemper House is an incredibly beautiful, special place. We placed our loved on there after being rejected by a number of facilities based on the deterioration of his mental health and progression of dementia-like symptoms. Aleks and her team "took a chance" on him and us, and helped a complicated individual and situation transition to nursing care with such patience and compassion. Everyone from the front desk person to cleaning and hospitality seemed to learn his name quickly, and made him and us feel so welcomed. By the time he was admitted, I was worn out and needed a break - and Kemper House put my mind at ease that I could step away and he would not only be cared for, but would be cared for by people who have far more experience and expertise than I with patients like Bill. As his physical disease progressed, we were able to utilize the hospice services available on-site, making that difficult transition not only easier but absolutely seamless. When he passed, we felt so loved and comforted and supported. I just cannot recommend this facility enough. I know that if I am ever in need of this kind of care again - for a loved one or myself, Kemper House would be my very first choice.

Jeff K.

From my first interaction, Kemper House felt like a second home and eventually the place my wife felt was her primary home. We were greeted by Greg, owner and Aleks, Outreach Director and the staff were very helpful and felt like family. My wife Cissy was greeted at the front door and from that moment on she felt comfortable. She had no reservations about going to a strange new environment. She knew that she was accepted from day 1. She enjoyed every member of the staff. She had a smile on her face every time someone would talk to her. She adopted Kemper House as her new family and always wanted to come back to “home” which was now Kemper. Anna Marie made it a point to say good morning to Cissy with every interaction. Emma and Emmy always took care of Cissy like she was family. Kiyanna was great with communicating on a daily basis with me and gave me reassurance as to progress- good or bad. I can’t say enough about Sara and Hillary. We were all amazed at the detailed care given from the Directors to the front-line staff. Megan with Life Enrichment was always so attentive. She would make sure to tell Cissy of the daily events happening and coached her to participate even when she would resist. She made sure that Cissy was always involved and engaged. May would come in and always made sure that her clothes were spotless. My wife enjoyed looking nice and presentable and May ensured that continued even in her new home. Alyssa and Aleks were like sisters to Cissy and had a special way to connect with her. If a smile was an indication of happiness, I knew that my wife was at peace. There is no better care anywhere other than Kemper House Worthington.

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