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At Cotter House Worthington, our specialized Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Community is dedicated to caring for persons living with all stages of memory impairment. Our care model incorporates the latest technological advancements and integrated cognitive, emotional, physical, and nutritional health programming. Our goal is to promote optimal health and wellness for our residents and staff.

Alzheimer's and dementia care is all we do. Every aspect of the Cotter House environment has been thoughtfully considered. Our sole purpose is to provide dementia care in a warm, residential, home-like atmosphere. We want you to be confident that the care we give your loved one is the kind of care you would provide.

Cotter House Worthington


Because memories matter.

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Long-Term Residents

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Options For Couples

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Short-Term Respite Stays

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Improving the quality of life of those diagnosed with memory impairment.

Cotter House Worthington is a specialized Alzheimer's and dementia care community working to improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with memory impairment. Each resident has a suite, similar to an apartment, and full access to common area with amenities tailored to support living with varying degrees of cognitive impairment. We offer daily programs, fitness classes, and diet plans to keep our residents active and healthy. Our care and programming are all-inclusive because we believe our residents deserve the best possible care. But most importantly, we believe in bringing love into caring for our residents and helping them feel at home

Cotter House Worthington

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Cotter House Worthington


My mom now lives at Cotter House Worthington. It was a very emotional transition for my family and I, and we can't say enough positive things about Cotter House and its staff. From my experience, I have encountered multiple staff members who have always greeted me with kindness and understanding. There really seems to be a commitment to love throughout the building.

They go the extra mile and truly keep the residents' best interests at the center of everything they do. They also keep my family's minds and hearts at ease with frequent communication. As you can imagine, that can be incredibly difficult at times, given the circumstances, and especially difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. We haven't been able to go into her community or visit her neighborhood but we look forward to a time soon when we can all sit and eat a meal together.

There's honestly no other place I would want my mom to be taken care of. We got lucky with Cotter House being our first choice. It was the perfect choice. Best decision we could've made.

Cotter House Worthington


My family made the decision to move my husband into Cotter House during the pandemic. I have greatly appreciated the staff at Cotter House. Every person I interact with on the phone, window visits, and during in-person visits, knows my husband and is able to tell stories about him. This says a lot to me, that even the kitchen and maintenance staff personally are involved enough with the residents to know him so well. I also love the daily involvement of Greg (co-owner). Cotter House has a family atmosphere, not a large corporation feel. I can tell the culture of the staff is positive and caring, which passes to the residents. Thank you to everyone at Cotter House Worthington for providing a safe and warm environment to all residents.

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