New Facebook Group for Dementia Resources & Support

Cotter House WorthingtonCotter House Worthington has launched a brand-new Facebook group (Cotter Kare Central Ohio Resource and Support) that is open to anyone in the Columbus area!

This group is guided and supported by Cotter House Central Ohio as a community resource and support for anyone impacted by dementia. Our hope is to empower connection and conversation for those on this journey.

Please keep in mind that we are all here to give love, support and resources for anyone impacted by cognitive decline. Anyone interested in joining this group will be asked to first agree to the following rules:

  • Be kind and courteous
  • No hate speech or bullying
  • No promotions or spam
  • Respect everyone’s privacy

Thank you for filling this group with love. We are in this together.

Hope to see you join us soon!

Join Dementia Resources & Support on facebook