Memory Loss is Preventable: A Webinar on Brain Health in the 21st Century

Cotter House WorthingtonOur knowledge of brain health has grown exponentially in just the last two years. Join us on Tuesday, May 26th for a fun, informative presentation on the latest in brain health and learn why the best time to invest in your brain health is now.

Dr. Nate Bergman will discuss advancements in the detection, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s, and share actions you can take now to protect your brain.

Participants will learn:

  • Root causes of cognitive decline
  • Early signs and symptoms of impairment
  • Advancements in prevention and treatment
  • Lifestyle factors and brain health
  • 21st century personalized medicine and multi-modal interventions to slow or reverse decline
  • Why you shouldn’t postpone getting a diagnosis

Dr. Bergman has specialized expertise in the prevention and treatment of cognitive decline and has worked closely with Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Mark Hyman, and other experts in the field.

This is a free event, sponsored by Cotter House Worthington.