Leading with Love: Why the Tech?

I have been in the industry of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care for much of my adult life. I have seen well over 100 different dementia facilities, all with different levels of care and different capabilities. But, something I have noticed is the lack of new technologies being used in these facilities. In many spaces, these facilities feel far more like end of life care and aren’t much different from hospice. Part of my dream with Cotter House Central Ohio is to change the way we think about what care means and how we can incorporate the latest technology into our community and make a difference.

The HumanCharger can help our residents with sleep and energy levels.

Our commitment to technology is a direct result of our commitment to providing the best care possible for our residents. As you read our blog, you will see various products that we are using in our space, from Blue Willow GPS, to the Human Charger for energy and rhythm, to the latest in bidet technology to help our residents with better hygiene, increased dignity and stay independent in a space that is supremely private. As an industry, we haven’t done enough to incorporate everything we can to care our very best.

I understand that new technology can be scary for people. Some ideas almost seem too good to be true. There is a lot of misinformation out there about healthcare and it has damaged the trust in the field. Cotter House Central Ohio aims to change these ideas and showcase the way technology can help us care for those who need our help. By showcasing some of the best new technologies and services in our community, we are going to put our money where our mouth is and show that there are better ways to care for our residents. We should be caring for our residents like it’s 2019, not like it’s 1980.

Our Music and Memory program helps our residents access memories and stimulate their minds.

One of our most important technological advances that we are including in our facility is integrating a complete Telehealth system into our space. This Telehealth system will help us be proactive with our residents’ health. It helps us stay connected to expert health professionals 24/7 that can provide the best care for our residents no matter when they need it. When we saw the availability of this technology, I couldn’t help but wonder why it wasn’t being used in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care facilities everywhere. We have made it an integral part of providing our residents with the care they deserve. 

Much of the technology we are bringing into Cotter House Central Ohio is technology my family used with Grandma Lilly when we cared for her and discovered as we traveled the world. We watched as the HumanCharger gave Grandma more energy and helped her sleep through the night. We loved that she could go to the bathroom on her own and help her feel more independent. We used advanced lighting technologies to illuminate important spaces during the night to keep her safe. Our commitment to technology and the way it can affect our care is from experience. I want to bring that experience, knowledge and passion to the families of Worthington and Central Ohio. 

We should be caring for our residents like it’s 2019, not like it’s 1980.

All of this is why, when you come to Cotter House Central Ohio, our prices are all inclusive. We will not nickel and dime you for our care and make you pay more to get access to all that we have to offer. If you are a resident, we want you to get the care you deserve. If you are a family member, we want you to feel safe knowing that your loved one is going to get the best care that we offer without having to get pre-approval for extra levels of care or other add-on services which are common in other care organizations. 

Check out our other blogs on the various technologies we are bringing into our space. Or, you can come visit me at 445 E. Dublin-Granville Rd, Worthington to see some of these technologies for yourself. It would be my pleasure to show you the kind of care that is possible.