Cotter House Worthington has a Mascot!

His name is Buddy the Brain, and he’s here to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive conditions.

Your pet brain

Your Pet Brain

Brain is a plush toy created by Aydika James, who based him on an original cartoon she drew to “process life.” She released the toys on in December 2020.

“Brain is a multi-functional friend,” James said. “I want him to be a tool that other organizations can use to get their message out.”

Brain is intended to be a tool people of all ages can interact with to raise awareness about brain health and remove the stigma associated with traumatic brain injuries, depression, anxiety, memory loss and other diseases. And because Brain is a plush stuffed toy, it can also comfort those struggling with cognitive and mental health conditions.

Buddy the Brain

The residents at Cotter House Worthington met Buddy the Brain after president/owner Greg Cini bought plushes to make people feel more at home.

“When you have them, you really want to hug them,” Cini said. “The most important thing is to gain awareness of the purpose behind it.”

Having these plush toys is a great way to bring a sense of comfort to Cotter House Worthington residents. They also provide a soothing sensation for the residents who use them, which is especially important for people who are new to the Cotter House Worthington community.

Community Involvement

Buddy the Brain’s role as a mascot allows Cotter House Worthington to have a physical representation for Alzheimer’s and dementia awareness. Cini takes Buddy with him when he goes out in the community to assist with his educational efforts.

“It’s something fun and super unique to offer your audience, and it gives them a physical, tactile support item,” he said.

Cotter House Worthington hosts parties and educational seminars, and Cini plans to bring Buddy as a mascot to continue to increase awareness. He said he might also start giving away Brain plushes to create a lasting impact.

The team at Cotter House Worthington is dedicated to improving the daily lives of those with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory loss conditions. Contact us to schedule a tour!

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