Music to Your Ears: How Melodies Support Cognitive Health

Have you ever noticed how a favorite song can put you in a better mood? Or how a toe-tapping beat brings a smile to your face?
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Cotter House Worthington

No Brainer: 6 Foods That Are Bad for Your Brain Health

Feeding your body also feeds your brain, but consuming certain foods can put you at risk for memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s.
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Tips for Coping with Dementia-Related Behaviors

As your mom’s dementia or Alzheimer’s progresses, she may exhibit behavior that makes it difficult to conduct daily care. That might include aggression, agitation, confusion or sadness.
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Protect Your Cognitive Health with Physical Activity

Exercise has long been known to improve emotional health by reducing stress and releasing feel-good endorphins. It also supports the physical well-being of your brain, which lowers your risk for…
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Staying Mentally Active in Spite of Dementia

If your mom has dementia, keeping her mind engaged will support her cognitive health. Brain-stimulating activities have been proven to slow the progression of memory loss and reduce sleep problems,…
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